Support for those dealing with Legal Implications

Police Van

I have specialist training to work with anyone who is worried about their sexual behaviour, or may be having sexually inappropriate thoughts. They may be at risk of committing a sexual offence, or of re-offending or have recently been arrested. This behaviour may be viewing illegal images such as child abuse, extreme sexual violence and bestiality. Voyeurism, exhibitionism and any behaviour that causes shame, fear, hurt and distress to others are punishable by law.
For many individuals, an escalation in pornography consumption and sexual acting out, can inadvertently lead to the viewing, downloading, collecting and storing of illegal images.
For some, the police have come to arrest them and the shock and ramifications are vast. A lengthy limbo of on average a year ensues while waiting for the forensic team to investigate, and then for an initial court date to be set. This then forces a realisation that damaging behaviours can no longer be ignored and minimised.
Others may be feeling uncomfortable with the direction their viewing or thoughts are taking them, no longer able to shake off the nagging feeling that what they are looking at clashes with values upheld in their day to day existence. They also may not recognise fully what constitutes an illegal image especially if rationalising they are on ‘safe’ mainstream sites.
Partners and families of someone who has committed a sexual offence suffer the devastating consequences. It is immensely isolating as it is understandably seen as a taboo so there are very few people they may feel able to talk to about their distressing situation. Professional support in this can be invaluable.
This link below is StopSo’s brief questionnaire assessing sexual risk and need for therapeutic help. It is completely confidential and will help you recognise if you need support in this area.

What does Therapy Address?

The aim of therapy if someone has been arrested and awaiting investigation is ultimately to seek to understand unhealthy sexual behaviours and work towards maintaining safer sexual expressions. For some the shame, stigma and anxiety of a pending investigation can lead to suicidal ideation, and therapy provides support towards emotional stability.
Those who have not yet crossed a legal line can be helped to avoid that first sexual offence.
It is not easy to reach out for support but this is the toughest and most important step. We would hold an initial assessment for me to gain your narrative. I would explain how therapy may be able to help you and what to expect going forward. This session helps to ascertain if I am the right psychotherapist to help you, and we would review regularly as to the direction and efficacy of sessions.
Therapy can be challenging, and there is no guarantee of someone working towards recovery and safe behaviours. However, if someone is committed to gaining insights and strives to control unhealthy thoughts and behaviours, then it can prove very successful.


I hold a Masters in Counselling, (University of Nottingham), Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (East Midlands Training), Diploma in Clinical Supervision (Counselling Xtra), Bachelor of Arts degree in English and History, and a Higher Diploma in Education (University of Cape Town).
In addition to my general practice, I am specialist in working with issues related to sex addiction, compulsive pornography viewing, and individuals who may be under investigation for sexual offences or at risk of straying into illegal activity.
I work in private practice and I see clients through a combination of self-referrals, Employee Assisted Programs (EAP’s), via StopSo or solicitors.

My further training in relation to these issues has included:
  • Diploma in Sex & Pornography Addictions Counselling (ATSAC Institute for Sex Addiction Training)
  • Risk assessment; Treatment Interventions; Crossing the line – Working therapeutically with individuals convicted or accused of sexual offending (StopSo: Specialized Treatment Organization for Perpetrators and Survivors for Sexual Offending)
  • COFRA 121 Compassions Focused Risk Aware: therapy program for managing sexual risk (StopSo: Specialized Treatment Organization for Perpetrators and Survivors for Sexual Offending)

In all my work I am an advocate of psychoeducation and raising awareness. To this end I deliver talks in various forums on many varied therapeutic topics, from bereavement, sex addiction, stress, anxiety, relationships, young people and mental health. I have been interviewed on BBC Radio; appeared on television in discussion panels and been quoted in magazines and newspapers. Most recently in November 2021 I was a speaker at an Online Mental Health Conference, addressing the topic of Sex Addiction.


I also write reports (at an additional cost) should someone need this to demonstrate engagement with therapy and its focus. I cannot assess risk and it would be based on what I am told in sessions and my interpretation of this. It would intend to confirm a collaborative formulation to understand and mitigate offending behaviour.